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Customer Testimonials
Don't take our word for it! Below are a sampling of unsolicited comments from our customers:

  • I am extremely pleased with the rental response I have received in just the first third of my FREE 3 months. You guys are really promoting for us, it seems. Additionally, the design and ease of use of the site itself, both for leasor and leasee, is clear, concise and fast loading. I want to sign up for a premier listing and also to list another property with you even before my free trial runs out. Thanks for the professional job you're doing and please use any part of this as a testimonial if it pleases you. Best regards for your success,
    - Lynn C.

  • Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my listing on your site. Just did a search on AOL, and my property came up in the first two listings, both of them for your site. ... Keep up the good work with the search engines!
    - Rick K.

  • I am writing to tell you how happy I am with your website. ... We listed our condo with you on the 7th of June and by the 15th had our first renter already in the condo. Since then (just 2 months, now) we have booked the place solid all the way through March, 2004 with the exception of three weeks! We have gone "cash positive" for the year in just 2 months! We listed with another "vacation condo" website at the same time and yours has delivered 50% more prospects to us. Congratulations on a wonderful website. You may use this letter in your advertising, if you wish.
    - Tom W.

  • I am very impressed by the speed which you set these up as well as the ranking with yahoo
    - Laurie S.

  • What on earth are you guys doing there? I'm getting more hits from your site then VRBO or GreatRentals.
    - Paul H.

  • Just had to update 5 properties on;; and had to tell you what a pleasure it is to work with your site--without a doubt the most easy to make changes--thanks--you can use my quote.
    - Regards, Jim C.

  • Keep up the good work with the search engines. I'm getting as many inquiries from your site now as I get with, which used to be my single most effective listing.
    - Bruce B.

  • Your service is fantastic and has been getting us lots of inquiries.
    - J. Strong

  • By the way, I am listed on over 50 similar sites and I must say that yours was one of the most user friendly ones that I have listed on. It is self explanatory and the end result is very professional. You were also very quick and eager to help when I had trouble, which is something that not all site managers/administrators are very good at. Congrats on a job well done and good luck with the site.
    - Doug W.

  • Your site is doing very well for us and we will be adding our second property soon.
    - Judith L.

  • Just updated our site and must say it is very easy to work within. Good luck to you and us both.
    - Tom K.

  • Thanks for the FAST work. I'm doing some nice business off your service. The best of the 3 sites I use.
    - Bill S.

  • I am impressed with the quality and ease of use of your site/my site.
    - Deb C.

  • I have been pleasantly surprised at the response I have received from your website!
    - Maria L.

  • Nice easy form to complete, very professional.
    - Erin S.

  • Thanks again for all you help. I am getting a lot of hits. Much more than expected.
    - G.S.

  • By the way, this really was one of the most user friendly and fast sites where I have posted, good job. I wish you the best of luck and hope for a continuing business relationship with you.
    - Don L.

  • I do like your site, it's very professional, informative and attractive. Your willingness to work with the customer is well above normal and greatly appreciated.
    - Bill R.

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